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Tap Talks with Loudoun PACE founder Gerry Gurgick
Monday, March 25, 2019, 06:00pm - 09:00pm
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Monday March 25th at 6pm

Tap Talks:

B Chord Brewing,
34266 Williams Gap Rd,
Round Hill, VA 20141

Human-caused climate change is quite real.  It is both objective reality and extremely dangerous.  We are emitting 10 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year and the most nature has even done has been about 1 billion tons.  So, we have the record.  For both the biosphere and human civilization, the velocity of this change is the critical issue.  All of this reality makes the “Green New Deal” a requirement.  It is not “socialism” or “capitalism” or “globalization” or any other meaningless descriptor.  It is a “solution”.  “How we are we going to pay for it?” is a question for the those who lack courage and integrity.  It is not a question FDR asked his economists in 1940.  He asked them to figure out how we are going to get it done.  How do we defeat fascism.  As a consequence, they became Americas greatest generation and our county’s finest hour.  Let’s not let our parents and grandparents and children and grandchildren down.  Let’s rise to the occasion just as they did.  Let’s find to courage to be real heroes.
Those who ask “but how are we going to pay for it?”  are pretending to be adults, while behaving like children.  That might not be a good analogy because so many of our children are behaving much better than us adults.
The Green New Deal resolution was introduced into congress.  We need to understand the problems we have created and appreciate this solution.  To this end I’ve initiated a series of talks at B Chord Brewing Company to discuss both the problem we need to solve and the solution space we have to work within.